When deciding to open this boutique, I wanted to set myself apart from others. I’ve always loved to shop, but I’ve always been very picky about quality, texture, the feel, and how it fits. In order to open this store, and have it up to par with my standards, I’ve carefully selected each and every item by hand for Toscana Moon. When selecting potential items to carry, I make sure to ask myself, would this be something I would wear, gift, or be proud to sell in my store? To me, style and quality is everything. Its very important to me that each and every customer feels confident about what they order online, as well as what they purchase in-store.

Toscana Moon is more than just a boutique to me. Its the memory of a dream I once shared with my late mother for as long as I can remember. Growing up, we bonded over our love for fashion and design. I remember the times of my childhood where I would play dress up with her shoes and jewelry all the time. A boutique was actually where my parents met. My father met her in the store she worked in a long time ago, and while I was growing up, we always shared the dream of opening our own boutique together.

Unfortunately, my mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and passed shortly after her diagnosis. In honor of my mother and the dream we’ve always shared, I’m opening Toscana Moon Boutique. I plan to donate a percentage of my profits from the boutique to the American Cancer Society for research. Holding our memories and wishes close to my heart keeps the memory of my mother alive. I’m so happy to finally be able to do this for her, for us. To you, mom, and forever our dreams be my favorite memory.

With love, Valerie